Searching for Contacts in Your Address Book

If your list of contacts has grown substantially, it can be a chore to scroll through them all in search of one contact. Our ‘Find’ feature will circumvent this, and call for the information using keywords input by you.

Note: The find feature will only search for contacts inside the list you have open. It will not search for keywords across all your lists.

You can select which data field you wish to search across:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Custom Field

And apply rules to how your key terms are used to search:

  • Contains: Fields that contain your term
  • Begins With: Fields that begin with your term
  • Equal: Summons fields that match your search term exactly
  • Ends With: Fields that end with your term

Searching for Contacts

  1. Go to your Address Book
  2. Open a list you wish to search in
  3. Click the ‘Find’ button
  4. Select a keyword filter (First Name, Last Name, Email, or Custom Field)
  5. Choose the search rules (Contains, Begins With, Equals, End With)
  6. Enter your keywords
  7. Press ‘Find’
  8. Close the Search Menu

How to go back to the Full Contact List

If you wish to return to your full contact list:

  1. Click the ‘Find’ button
  2. Press the ‘Reset’ button
  3. Close the Search Menu