Uploading Contacts to Your Address Book

Your Address Book stores all your email contacts in preparation for the Email Invitations distribution method for your project. You can import a contact to your Address Book by manually entering data into each field, or by bulk importing them from an external document (such as an excel spreadsheet).

  1. Open the Main Menu
  2. Select Address Book
  3. Create a New List (if you haven’t done so already)
  4. Create a unique list title and press ‘Continue’
  5. Click Bulk Import Contacts
  6. Open your contact list in excel; ensure the columns are ordered Email, First Name, Last Name, Custom
  7. Copy your contacts list over to the Address Book
  8. Press ‘Submit’
  9. Preview your new list
  10. Click ‘Save to Contact List’ to accept, or ‘Try Again’ to go back

Note: You can also access the Address Book through the Send Page of your project. Do this by clicking ‘Upload Your Contacts’ under the Email Invitations method of distribution.

How to Insert a Single Contact into your Contact List

You can insert details of a single contact using the same method as above. However, you can also use the ‘+ Add New Row’ button at the bottom of your list if you would prefer.

  1. Click ‘+ Add New Row’
  2. Insert First Name, Last Name, Email, and Custom information as necessary
  3. Click ‘Submit

How to Edit Contacts

You can make changes to contacts in the list by clicking the box you wish to edit, as you would an excel document.