Analyzing Poll Results

To check the results of your poll, you need to navigate to the ‘Analyze’ section. From here you will see your answer options listed, with the number of responses and respondent percentages found beneath each option.

For information on analyzing other project types, see the below articles:

‘Other’ Answer Options/ Text Responses

If you chose to insert an ‘Other’ answer option, the results for this will be listed beneath the custom title or suggestion you inserted for it.

To view these answers, you can click one of the ‘Country Filters’ on the right of your results. This will display your ‘Other Answers’ below your original set of results, including the specific text that respondents entered into the ‘Other’ text field.

Individual Results

You can view the results from individual respondents for your poll by clicking ‘Individual Results’ in the top bar. This section will list all of your results in text format, with the following additional information:

  • Respondent Country: The country that the participant responded from
  • IP Address: User’s unique IP address
  • Date Taken: The date that the response was submitted