Poll Options and Settings

There are a few options and settings available for you to customize the functionality of your polls. These options include:

  • Language
  • Results
  • Cookies Only
  • Set Poll Closing Date


Choose a language to be used for any built-in messages that are displayed to respondents. If your language isn’t included in the list, you are able to add a new one yourself.

Adding a New Language

  1. Open a Poll
  2. Go to ‘Options’
  3. Click ‘Add/Edit’ beneath the language section


Choose whether you’d like to:

  • Show poll results to the respondents after submission
  • Only show percentages to the respondents
  • Don’t display any results to respondents

Cookies Only

This option is used to prevent respondents from submitting a response more than once by using ‘Cookies’. You can:

  • Allow repeated votes
  • Identify users by cookies
  • Identify users by cookies and IP address

Set Poll closing Date

Set a predetermined poll closing date.