Can You Test a Poll

There is no explicit test function for polls. However, if you'd like to test your poll and settings will work for respondents in the way you expect them to, then follow these simple steps.

  1. Create your poll
  2. Add in all necessary answer options and apply all relevant settings
  3. Click 'View' 

    Note: Your poll will then open in a new tab, as it will appear to respondents.
  4. Test your poll (by selecting an answer and testing any poll settings you may have applied)

    Note: As this is not an explicit test function, the answer you submitted as part of your 'test' will have actually been recorded in your results.
  5. Hit 'Submit'
  6. Go back to the poll builder tab
  7. Make any changes
  8. Go to the Dashboard
  9. Open the Project Menu for your Poll
  10. Clear the Results

Now you'll know your poll if your poll is working just the way you want it to, and you'll be ready to distribute to your respondents.