Applying Multiple Filters to Your Results

It is possible to apply more than one filter in your Quick Report. However, there are a few things to keep in mind whilst doing this.

How to Apply a Filter to your Results section

Below you’ll find the necessary steps for applying a filter, which you can find more information on by visiting the How to Filter and Compare Results article.

  1. Go to the Results section
  2. Click the ‘+ New’ button next to ‘Filters’
  3. Select a filter option from the drop-down list
  4. Click ‘Next Step’
  5. Input the additional rules for the filter
  6. Click ‘Save Filter’

To apply an additional filter, follow the above guide from Step 3 (Click the ‘+New’ button next to ‘Filters’).

After applying multiple filters, you will also have to set rules for how these filters interact:

Match ANY

This option will filter all respondents that correspond to ANY of the filters you apply.

E.g. Age: 18-24 and Age: 25-30

This match will show all respondents who chose either the 18-24 answer option or the 25-30 option.

Match ALL

Use this to view respondent data for those who correspond with ALL your applied filters.

E.g. Sex: Male, Age: 25-30, Location, New York

Note: Applying two conflicting filters will cause your results to disappear, e.g. Age: 18-24 with Age: 25 will show no results, as a respondent couldn’t have chosen both options.