Our Sub-Processors

Shout.com, Kwiksurveys, and FreeOnlineSurveys (henceforth, ‘the site’) share certain information and data with several third-party apps and organizations to assist in delivering our service. You will find a list of those apps, and the purposes for which data is shared with them, below:

Cloud Service Providers

  • OVH - France
  • Digital Ocean - Amsterdam
  • Amazon Data Services Ireland Ltd. – Ireland

Service Specific Sub-Processors

Google Inc.

We use the Google Analytics tool as an indication for how users engage with the site, for the purposes of improving products and services, and ensuring that any information communicated is of the highest relevance to that user. The Analytics tool collects anonymised statistical data concerning the use of our website. USER IDs (used for identifying users in our database) are process by Google Analytics, but they do not have access to this information. 'The Site' also uses Google Tag Manager to pass some personal information to the following sub processors: Send In Blue, Profit Well and Amplitude. You can read more about the data passed in our Cooke Policy.

Read Google Privacy Policy


We employ SendGrid in two capacities; for email communications with our users, and as a method for our users to distribute their surveys/forms/quizzes/polls. To do this SendGrid stores user names, email addresses and analytical data (open-rates, click-rates etc.). This data is used to ensure that users are only receiving information relevant to them.

Read SendGrid Privacy Policy

Cloudflare Inc.

Cloudflare is a content distribution, security and DNS service provider for web traffic transmitted to and from ‘the site’. We use this service to efficiently manage web traffic, and protect ‘the site’ from malicious activity. The primary information Cloudflare has access to is information in and associated with ‘the site’ website URL that the End-User is interacting with (which includes End-User IP address). All information (including Service Data) contained in web traffic transmitted to and from the Services is transmitted through Cloudflare’s systems, but Cloudflare does not have access to this information.

Cloudflare Privacy Policy

Slack Inc.

Slack is primarily used for internal communications between employees, which may concern customer data every now and then. However, Slack has no access to these private communications.

Slack store their Data in USA Data Centres nd have certified with EU-US Privacy Shield https://slack.com/privacy-shield-notice


BrainTree (operated by PayPal) provides ‘the site’ with global eCommerce tools. We use these tools to process all debit and credit card payments through ‘the site’.

BrainTree (Paypal) Privacy Policy


Chargebee provides ‘the site’ with global eCommerce tools. We use these tools to process all debit and credit card payments through ‘the site’. We also stored log data on users who abandon carts, i.e. those who view a subscription plan but do not proceed to payment. This data is only stored for 30 days, after which it is deleted.

Chargebee Privacy Policy


This organization provides ‘the site’ with sales analytics software, which we use to collect statistical information on the financial comings and goings of the company.

ProfitWell’s Privacy Policy

Help Scout

Help Scout provides ‘the sites’ with email ticketing software (and hosts our help documentation), through which users are able to submit queries and comments regarding our product and service. Any information passed between employees and a user will only concern that user.

HelpScout Privacy Policy

Office 365

‘The site’ employs Office 365 software for range of productivity tasks, specifically; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. The only application we use that concerns user data would be Outlook, where we may be in contact with users. Any information passed will only concern that user.

Microsoft Privacy Policy

Active Campaign

'The site' uses Active Campaign to drive its email marketing campaigns. All the data we use for these campaigns is can be found in our Privacy Policy.

ActiveCampaign Privacy Policy


DataDog monitors the performance of our servers and consolidates all of the logs produced by our services into one central location to help us diagnose any service issues or misuse.  

DataDog Privacy Policy


'The Site' uses SendInBlue for email automation. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

SendInBlue Privacy Policy


Amplitude is used to monitor user behaviour inside the application. The information is used to improve site structure and inform product development. 

Amplitude Privacy Policy