Our Sub-Processors

Shout.com, Kwiksurveys, and FreeOnlineSurveys (henceforth, ‘the site’) share certain information and data with several third-party apps and organizations to assist in delivering our service. You will find a list of those apps and the purposes for which data is shared with them, below:

Types of sub-processor

To makes things easier to understand, we have split up the sub-processors into two separate lists, those that handle all data and those that handle your respondent data (survey data.)

These lists are maintained within our two privacy policies which are maintained and updated in real-time by a privacy specialist.

Updates to sub-processor lists will be made to these pages, please check back often if you wish to be updated.

Sub-processors that process your respondent data and contact lists.

  • We share your response and contact lists with a very limited sub-set of sub-processors which are critical for performing the service.  
  • Services are included if we have shared data with them in the past 12 months.
  • If you add widgets to the page such as Youtube/Vimeo videos then you are the Controller for that data as you are for other question data or externally linked URLs.
  • All are EU based except for our optional email provider Twillo/SendGrid who operate under the US privacy shield.  You are free to use a different SMTP supplier if you wish (this only affects invitation/reminder emails sent to the respondents and not general application emails.)
  • View the list here: Privacy policy for respondents

All Sub-processors

  • If you wish to view all of our sub-processors, including those used for then the full list can be found in the Creators privacy policy (this also incorporates the list above)
  • Services are included if we have shared data with them in the past 12 months.
  • All are EU or US based (under privacy shield)
  • View the list here: Privacy policy for creators

If you are looking for a smaller list of sub-processors that handle your companies data.

All sub-processors have been vetted and have entered into a Data Processing Agreement with us to ensure compliance with GDPR.