View and Edit Your Account Details

  1. Open the Main Menu from the sidebar
  2. Select ‘My Account’

You will then view the following information:

  • Your Full Name
  • The Email Address linked to your account
  • Your Company name/ affiliation

Changing Your Account Details

To change any of your account information, replace the text inside any of the above boxes. You will then need to enter your account password to confirm these changes. Then select ‘Save Changes’.

Changing Your Password

  1. Navigate the ‘Password’ tab in your account details
  2. Enter your current password
  3. Enter your new password
  4. Re-enter your new password
  5. Hit ‘Save’

Checking Your Billing Information

  1. Go to ‘Billing’
  2. Click 'Manage Subscription'

From here the billing portal will pop-up, where you'll be able to manage and cancel your subscription/

Cancel your Subscription

You can cancel your current paid subscription from the ‘Billing’ section of your account details.

  1. Go to Billing
  2. Click 'Manage Subscription'
  3. Click your current plan
  4. Select 'Cancel Subscription'

Note: After cancelling your subscription, your account will remain upgraded until the end of the original subscription period. But your subscription will not be renewed.