How to Sign the Data Processing Agreement

What is the Data Processing Agreement (DPA)?

GDPR legislation requires that all data controllers have a written agreement with any sub-processors they use.

To ensure you are compliant we have created DPA agreement that can be signed by those who require it.

Can anyone Sign the DPA?

To digitally sign the DPA you will need to set up an organization on our system to be the owner of your account. We have also introduced the facility to link other accounts to this organisation in order for you to centralise data ownership.

To create an organization, you will need to have purchased a paid subscription to the site. From there you can invite others (including free accounts) to join.

How to Sign the DPA?

  1. Go to 'My Account' in the Main Menu
  2. Go to 'Organization'
  3. Select 'GDPR' from the menu on the left
  4. Click the link to review the contract
  5. Click 'Sign Agreement'

If you don't already have an organization set up,  find out how to create one.