Anonymizing Reports for Sharing

Sometimes the nature of your project will require you to collect personal information from respondents, e.g. name, business address and email. However, you may want to hide this information when sharing your report with the public. 

Note: This is especially handy for remaining compliant with the GDPR, which restricts the sharing of personally identifiable information for anything other than the performance of your job role.

In order to remove personal information, you first have to create a copy of your main results and then delete the questions concerning personal information from the copy. This means that you'll retain your original report with all of your data, whilst also having a copy which can be shared and viewed by the public.

Step One: Copy a Report

  1. Go to Your Results Section
  2. Click 'Reports' in the Left Sidebar
  3. Click 'Add Report'
  4. Select 'Clone Existing Report'
  5. Title Your New Report
  6. Click 'Add Report'

This will add a new report below your original in the 'My Reports' tab of the sidebar.

Step Two: Deleting Personal Questions

  1. Identify the Questions that Contain Personal Data (in your report)
  2. Hover Over the Selected Question
  3. Select 'Delete' (trash can icon) from the Quick Question Menu
  4. Select 'Confirm

Note: Once a question is deleted from a report, it cannot be re-added to that report.

After you've deleted all the sensitive questions from your new report, it will be ready to share with the public.