Using a custom domain in your survey link

By default, your survey link will include our domain name. Our custom domain feature allows you to replace our domain with your website domain.

E.g. -->

This feature will not change the survey code in the URL slug, but you can use the custom survey link feature to do this.

This is very easy to set up and works great with white labelling. Using all three, you can hide all traces of our branding.

Note: You will need technical knowledge of your website/server to implement this.

We achieve the custom domain feature using ‘domain cloaking’ which is a file that can be placed on your server that will display the surveys on our platform seamlessly through an iFrame. This allows the domain in the address bar to remain as your own.

How to use a custom domain

Get Script for Custom Domain

  1. Go to the Send section of your survey/ quiz
  2. Click 'Get Custom Domain Script'
  3. You will need access to your servers file structure to drop the cloaking file into the desired folder.
  4. Upload the prepared HTML file into the desired folder on your website, this will not need to be touched again.
  5. Visit the ‘launch’ page of any survey, select ‘Use Custom Domain’
  6. Enter the domain of your site including the folder in which you have placed the HTML file.

For example, if the folder is called ‘surveys’, the address would read like below.  You can also find the prepared HTML file here.

The link for all surveys on the launch page and emails sent will contain your domain.