Sender Email Validation

Before you can get started sending email invitations, you'll need to verify your sender email.

What is a sender email?

This is the email address that you will be sending survey invitations from, i.e. what recipients will see when your survey appears in their inbox.

Why do we verify sender emails?

This is to ensure that no one else can use your email address to distribute their own surveys.

How do I verify my sender email?

When you create your first email invitation for a survey, you will be asked to include a From email under the Subject and Sender section.

Select Add new sender and enter the email address you wish to send survey invitations from.

A verification code will be sent to that email address, which you need to copy and paste into Add Sender pop-up.

Can I add another verified sender?

Yes! Just click the From email field again and select Add new sender. You can enter another email address, to which a verification email will be sent.