Migrate Contacts from Your Address Book

The Address Book feature has now been grandfathered and replaced with a new and improved Contact Management System. But don't worry, we've kept all your contacts safe.

If you previously had contacts uploaded to your Address Book, you can import these over to the new contact system.

How to migrate contacts from your Address Book to the new Contact Management System:

  1. Go to Contacts
  2. Select Import Contacts
  3. Click Import contacts from the old
  4. Agree to the below terms
  • If you're using the 'custom' field of the old contact system. You should first create the field in the new system to contain this data.
  • To put your contacts into a group, you will first need to create a group in the new system.
  1. Choose a source list
  2. Select a target custom field to link your existing custom field to
  3. Select a group to move these contacts into
  4. Select Import Contacts