Add a Logo to Emails

We don't provide a specific block for adding a logo to emails, but this is easily achievable using the Image Block.

How to add a logo to your email

To add a logo to your email:

  1. Click the Content tab in the left sidebar
  2. Left-click and hold the Image block and drag it into your email
  3. When you see a bold blue line, release the left mouse button to drop the block into place

    To place your logo in the header of your email, drop the Image block at the very top of the email
    Use The Image Block To Add Logos To Emails
  4. Click the Image Block you've placed into your email to open the options
  5. Click upload image or drag and drop an image in from your file managerUpload A Logo To Emails
  6. Your logo will then be displayedLogo In Emails

How to resize your logo

To ensure the best possible image quality, we'd recommend that you upload your logo in the exact size you would like it to display.

However, you can resize images in the email builder:

  1. Click the logo
  2. Disable the Auto Width button in the image block optionsLogo Auto Width
  3. This will give you access to a slider that changes the width of the image content blockResize Logos In Emails
  4. Use the slider to increase and decrease the size of your logo

How to add a link to your logo

To add a link to your logo, e.g. to your homepage, all you need to do is:

  1. Click the logo
  2. Navigate to the Action section in the image options slideout on the leftAdd Links To Logos
  3. Enter a URL below the Image Link section
  4. Use the Target dropdown below to choose whether your link opens in the same tab or a new tab

Add alt text to your logo

  1. Click the logo
  2. Navigate to the Image section of the image options slideout on the leftAdd Alt Text To Logos
  3. Type your logo alt text into the Alternate Text field

How to delete your logo

To delete your logo:

  1. Click your logo
  2. Navigate to the Image section of the options slideout on the left
  3. Highlight the Image URL
  4. Use the backspace key to delete it

This will delete the logo image but will leave the Image block in place in your email.