What are Star Rating questions?

Star Wars

Allow your respondents to give a rating using stars. This rating will be contrasted to the number of possible stars you assign to the question. You may be familiar with this question type, as movies and restaurants are rated in the same way.

Why use them?

Star ratings give your survey an element of style and interactivity that other question types may not incorporate. They may also provide a slight visual relief to participants if your project includes a large amount of reading and critical analysis.

How do I create Star Rating questions?

Add Star Rankings

  1. Create a Survey
  2. Click ‘Add Page Items’ in the sidebar OR Scroll to the bottom of your survey and click the ‘Add Items’ button
  3. Drag and Drop Star Rating into the necessary place OR Click Star Rating and then ADD TO PAGE
  4. Enter your question above the rating system
  5. (optional) Assign a name or text to the individual star rating scale
  6. Navigate the Question Quick Menu for additional settings and customization

Default Settings

The default settings for Star Rating will insert the question type with two sets of stars. These can be removed or added through the Question Quick Menu.

The default number of stars in each row is set to 5, this can be changed in the same way as above.

Star Rating Settings


  • Although Star Ratings may break up the monotony of constant textual answers for respondents, using too many of this question type may compromise this. It would be more beneficial to include a few statements or questions to be rated in this way, and then move on to using a new question type.
  • You may want to provide a number of stars that most participants are used to rating out of, i.e. out of 5, or out of 10.

Question Quick Menu

The Star Rating Question Quick Menu gives you access to the below options:

  • Undo: Reverse your previous action or measure.
  • Redo: Once ‘Undo’ is clicked, the option transforms into the ‘Redo’ button. This will restore your previous action or measure.
  • Delete: Permanently removes the question from the project.
  • Shrink/ Expand: This will change the size of your selected item. It will be referred to as ‘Resize’ in the results section of any project.
  • Move to Page: Select another page to move the question to.
  • Copy: Duplicate your question inside of the project.
  • Required: By checking this box, respondents cannot finish the survey without completing the question.
  • Settings: Opens additional, question specific, features and settings.

Question Settings Menu

You will find this list of settings by clicking the ‘Settings’ button inside of the Question Quick Menu.

  • Number this question: This button toggles the numbering for the concerned question.
  • Number of Stars: This bar can be dragged to control the maximum number of stars available in the question. Alternatively, you can type in any number ranging from three and ten.

How respondents interact with Star Rating questions?

Participants can click the star they wish to select to respond to your question or statement. If they change their mind, they can simply click another star and their selection will be adjusted.

How to analyze the Quick Report?

The Data Table will list the possible star ratings that were available to participants from lowest (left) to highest (right). You will find the number of respondents who selected each star beneath these options, along with the percentage of the total number these portray. You will also be provided with the standard deviation, total number of responses, and the weighted average of your results.

Below the Data Table, you will find a graphic representation of your results in the form of an average star rating. Through the Question Quick Menu you will also be able to format your results into a Line Graph, Column Graph, or Radar Chart.

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