How to View Individual and Tracked Responses

Individual Responses

Being faced with a collective list of responses can be overwhelming, but we provide a way for you to view results from individual respondents. This is achievable by clicking the ‘Individual Results’ button in the Results section of your project.

Go to Individual Responses

  1. Go to the Results section
  2. Click ‘Individual Responses’ in the top bar
  3. Cycle through individual results using the arrows or scroll bar

To exit the Individual Results section, click the ‘Charts and Totals’ button in the top bar.

Individual Response

Tracked Responses

If your project was distributed using our email launch method, and you enabled Tracking, then you can view who has responded to your project. It's important to note that your project will no longer be anonymous once tracking has been enabled since responses will be linked to the contact information of a corresponding respondent in your address book.

Tracked Responses

You can also send email reminders to those that have not yet responded.