How to Enable Tracked Responses

To track responses, you will need to have distributed your survey using the Email Invitations method. This will automatically link your collected results with the details stored in your Address Book.

  1. Open a project you’re ready to send
  2. Go to the Send section of your project
  3. Choose to distribute via email
  4. Tick the ‘Enable Tracking’ box

Allowing Tracked Respondents to Edit their Responses

If you enable 'Edit After Completed' from the settings menu of the builder, tracked respondents will be able to edit their response even after it’s been submitted.

Making Tracked Repsosnes Anonymous

To separate respondent names and email addresses from their responses (to keep their response anonymous), you can enable Pseudonymization in the left sidebar of the builder.

Note: This option is not available with Quizzes.

Tracked Responses in your Report

You may also want to refer to this doc on finding Tracked and Individual Responses in your report.