What Type of Projects Can I Create?

You can create four types of projects, each of which requests different information from respondents. These include Surveys, Forms and Quizzes.

Each of these services is designed to gather a different type of information from participants, which will be discussed in the below sections.


The term ‘survey’ refers to sets of predetermined questions used to investigate the opinions and experience of people/ groups of people. This form of survey is also referred to as a questionnaire.

These questions are distributed to the public, or to a specific target audience, after which the results are used to produce a sample. This ‘sample’ is a generalization made concerning the target population, based on results gathered from the survey.

As there are so many things you can achieve through surveying, you can imagine the numerous reasons they’re so highly utilized. Some possible applications of a survey are:

  • Gathering Customer/ Employee Feedback
  • Academic Research (especially in the Social Sciences: Psychology/ Sociology)
  • Evaluating Political Candidates/ Figures
  • Driving Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Those are just a few examples of survey applications, but you’re only really limited by the scope of your own project.


Forms are created in the same way as surveys, through our project builder, and can be used to collect a range of personal information from respondents. This information could include:

  • Name(s)
  • Age/ Date of Birth
  • Address/ Geographic Information
  • Contact Details: Phone Number/ Email Address
  • Occupation/ Company Information

Personal data can be some of the most advantageous to accumulate, as it can be used to reasonably infer a plethora of other information concerning your target population. I.e. make logical assumptions about your respondents based on trends, and supported by research.


Quizzes are ways to test the knowledge of your respondents on a specific topic, or range of topics. This test is used to measure the understanding, skills, and/or abilities of participants

The most common forms of quizzes are those that evaluate our educational knowledge and capability, where all questions are related to an umbrella topic or subject. You may have encountered these at some point in your education.

However, there are a great number of entertainment-focused quizzes out there. These are concerned with the less serious aspects of life; such as general knowledge and celebrity trivia.

The goal of participants is to achieve the highest amount of available points, or the highest in relation to other participants. Our service makes the number of points awarded by each question completely customizable and provides you with some agency in setting the rules for how points are awarded.

Features and Customization

Whichever type of project you choose to create, you will have access to plenty of visual customization settings and features.

Note: Polls are much less customizable than other project types.

You can find these options under the Themes/ Appearance interface in the side menu of any project builder.

Through this menu, you will be able to change layouts and edit color schemes, however, the extent to which you can do so depends on your subscription package.