Cookie Policy

Note: ‘The Site’ is used below to refer to Kwiksurveys, FreeOnlineSurveys and, all of which are owned by Problem Free Limited.

What is a cookie?

A small packet of data passed from our server to your personal device, and stored there. Cookies allow us to provide a comprehensive service, and supply us with data that can be used to improve the site and personalize user experiences.

How are they used?

Cookies are used on the site for a number of purposes, all of which improve the way in which we deliver our service. Here are a few examples of how cookies are used on the site: - Sign a Data Processing Agreement

  • Identifying you at login
  • Analysing how you use ‘The Site’
  • Personalising your experience

Essential Cookies

These types of cookies are necessary to provide you with a complete service, and without which ‘The Site’ would not function at a satisfactory level. Some examples of the way these cookies are used are:

  • Identifying/ authenticating you when you sign into ‘The Site’
  • Remembering previous actions
  • Remembering Site Settings

Functional Cookies

These cookies are used to improve and personalize ‘The Site’ for individual users.

For example:

  • Preventing duplicate/ multiple responses on surveys, quizzes, forms, and polls.
  • Hiding tutorial/ help messages from users who have dismissed them

Performance Cookies

These cookies are used to help us understand the ways users find ‘The Site’, and how they use it. We then use this information to improve ‘The Site’ and any associated marketing campaigns.

Here are some examples of the way these cookies are used:

  • Collecting information on which web pages users visit and the duration of time they spend there
  • Monitoring the sources of site traffic

We use both in-house analytics software and a third-party analytics tool, both of which are detailed in the table below.

Cookie Name Host Description
Surveyid ‘The Site’ No PII is stored in this cookie. This cookie is used to prevent someone from taking the same survey more than once if the creator has enabled duplicate protection. Category: Essential. Expiry: 1 year
Refer ‘The Site’ No PII is stored in this cookie. In-house analytics tool for monitoring site usage Anonymously. Category: Performance. Expiry: 6 Months.
Tour_ + Sidebarhint ‘The Site’ No PII is stored in this cookie. A cookie used to disable help and tutorial messages once they have been dismissed by a user. Category: Functional. Expiry: 1 Year.
Google Analytics ‘The Site’ PII is stored in this cookie. 'The Site' uses Google Analytics as a tool for monitoring web traffic and pages visited to better understand how the site and services are used to improve performance and inform marketing activities. Category: Performance and Targeting.Opt-Out Of Google Analytics
HelpScout Help Scout No PII is stored in this cookie. Help Scout provides our email ticketing system and hosts our help documentation. The cookie is used to enable the contact us widget on each page: Category: Functional. Help Scout Privacy Policy
Profit Well Profit Well PII is strored in this cookie. 'The Site' uses Profit Well to monitor revenue and growth. We use email addresses in this cookie to ensure that data is as accurate as possible. Category: Performance and Targeting. Profit Well Privacy Policy
Send In Blue Send In Blue PII is stored in this cookie in this cookie. Send In Blue is used for 'The Sites' informational and promotional email campaigns and automation. This PII is used to ensure that the information we distribute to users is as relevant as possible and to trigger the correct transactional emails based on events onsite. Category: Targeting. SendInBlue Privacy Policy
Amplitude Amplitude PII is stored in this cookie. Amplitude is used to track user behaviour throughout 'the site' to inform improvements to the site structure and product development. Category: Performance. Amplitude Privacy Policy

You are able to edit your browser settings to accept or decline cookies, or to notify you when a cookie needs to be accepted or declined. Certain services may be impacted if you were to disable cookies for ‘The Site’. Read more about managing cookies.