How to Share Projects with Team Members (Organizations)

Although the projects you create cannot seen by other members of your Organization by default, it is possible to share projects with them for viewing or editing. This can be done by using our Collaboration feature.

There are two ways that you can invite someone to collaborate on your project: 

  1. Via an email invitations
  2. Sharing a unique URL link

Important: You have to invite a user by email before you have access to the URL link. 

Invite Collaborators via Email

  1. Open a Project
  2. Choose ‘Invite Collaborators’ from the sidebar
  3. Click ‘Invite Collaborators’
  4. Enter the email address of the person you wish to collaborate with
  • Click ‘Add Another’ to create a new space to invite another person (optional)

   5. Click ‘Collaborate’

Emails will be distributed to the email addresses you input, inviting them to collaborate on your chosen project. The recipients must follow the provided link in the email and accept the collaboration invitation or defer the choice until the next time they log in.

Sharing the URL Link

When collaboration invitation is sent by email, a unique URL link is generated for the recipient of that invitation. This will only be usable by that recipient, and will be available in the invitation sent to them. However, we're aware that sometimes emails are overlooked or go missing. So we've made these URLs available through the collaboration tab, which can be copied and shared with the intended collaborator.

  1. Open a Project
  2. Choose ‘Invite Collaborators’ from the sidebar
  3. Click 'Edit' next to the email address you need a URL for
  • A new pop-up will open indicating the current status of the collaboration invite (Active or Inactive) and the invitation link concerned with that account

   4. Copy the URL provided in the pop up
   5. Share the URL with the intended collaborator