How to Reset Theme Customization

All our themes are free, and you're able to use any without being asked to upgrade.

However, theme customization is an advanced feature, i.e. if you're using a free account and you've customized a theme, then you will be unable to send your project without removing those customizations or upgrading.

What Counts as Theme Customization?

There are three features that will trigger the theme customization message:

  • Changing your page title size
  • Editing the theme colors (using the color picker)
  • Changing the theme font

How to Reset a Theme to Default Settings

  1. Click Themes/ Appearances in the left sidebar
  2. Select any other theme
  3. Confirm that you will lose theme settings
  4. Re-select the theme you originally wanted to use

Note: Changing themes will only affect colors, background images, title size and fonts. All your content will be safe when changing themes.