How to Create Qualification Questions

What are Qualification Questions?

These questions use Logic to disqualify respondents from completing your project. For more information on Logic, you can read these articles concerning Default Logic and Page Logic.

Why use Qualification Questions?

The purpose of these questions is to remove unwanted or unnecessary respondents from your survey and give you more control over what your results will look like.

I.e. You may only want a specific demographic or group to answer every question in your survey, so removing respondents that do not fit into these groups will keep your results from becoming tainted.

Note: It’s fine to include other more general question on the disqualification page, or on prior pages if you want all participants to answer them. E.g. Contact Details.

How to Create Qualification Questions

  1. Create a project
  2. Add a new page near the start of your project, to be the Qualification Question host page

    Note: Ensure this page is placed before any pages containing questions that disqualified respondents need to skip
  3. Add a second Exit/ Thank You page for disqualified respondents

    Note: The disqualification exit page should be placed after the standard exit page so that successful respondents don’t see it. You can reorder by drag and dropping the page tabs if needed.
  4. Add your disqualification questions to the chosen host page
  5. Insert your disqualifying answer choices
  6. Use Logic and select the disqualification exit page you created above

Removing Disqualified Respondents from your Results

You can customize your report to only include qualified respondents, by using our filtering feature.

To do this:

  1. Go to Results
  2. Click ‘+ New Filter’ in the sidebar
  3. Select ‘Filter by Question’ from the drop-down menu
  4. Click next step
  5. Select your qualifying question from the drop-down menu
  6. Choose the qualifying answer for results concerning the qualified respondents OR Choose the disqualifying answer for results concerning the disqualified respondents

Alternatively, you could keep disqualified respondents in your report and use our ‘Comparisons’ feature to analyze any correlations between demographic and disqualification.


  1. Require all respondents to answer personal information questions
  2. Disqualify respondents that don’t fit into your target population
  3. Examine the relationship between personal background and whether a respondent was disqualified
  4. Use this information to narrow the scope of your target population in your next project

Note: Both Report features will require you to have a paid account.