How to Add and Edit Questions

Once you've created and named a survey or quiz, you'll need to start adding questions.

Adding a New Question

Add Questions

  1. Click ‘Add Items’ in the sidebar
  2. Choose the Question Type you want to insert
  3. Click ‘Add Item’ or drag and drop it into your project
  4. Enter the question and answer text

Note: Your project will save automatically, to stop you from losing any work.

Question Prediction

Our question prediction tool will analyze your question text as you type and recommend a question type.

To use the question prediction tool:

  1. Click 'Add a Question
  2. Type in your question text
  3. Add your answer choices

When creating a new survey, a question prediction field will be present by default. Just type your question into the text field and a question type will be predicted.

If you want to switch from our suggested question type to another, you can do this without adding a new question.

Switch Question Types

  1. Click the question text field
  2. Open the question type dropdown on the right side
  3. Select a new question type

Editing a Question

We allow you to edit question using the same methods you created them with:

Text: This can be edited by clicking the text field and replacing the old questions/answers with new next.

Images: Simply click the image you wish to replace, and select another image from the library.

Can I change question types of a question in my project?

Unfortunately, most question types do now allow you to switch to another once you have placed it inside your project.

However, there are a few exceptions to this:

Question Settings

For information on the available settings for questions, take a look at this article: Question Quick Menu.