How to Add and Edit Questions

Once you've created and named a survey or quiz, you'll need to start adding questions.

Adding a New Question

Add New Survey Questions

  1. Open the Form tab in the sidebar
  2. Click 'New question'
  3. Select a question type from the Question Library
  4. Enter question and answer text in the builder

Note: Your project will save automatically, to stop you from losing any work.

Question Prediction

Our question prediction tool will analyze your question text as you type and recommend a question type.

To use the question prediction tool:

  1. Click 'Add a Question
  2. Type in your question text
  3. Add your answer choices

When creating a new survey, a question prediction field will be present by default. Just type your question into the text field and a question type will be predicted.

If you want to switch from our suggested question type to another, you can do this without adding a new question.

  1. Click the question you'd like to change the question type of
  2. Open the question type dropdown on the right sideSwitch Question Type
  3. Select a new question type

Question Settings

Clicking a question in the builder will reveal its settings in the bottom bar:

Question Settings

For information on the available settings for questions, take a look at this article: Question Quick Menu.