Removing Users from an Organization

If you’re the Admin of an organization on the site, you have the ability to add and delete team users.

Why would I want to delete a team user?

If one of your Team Users leaves your business, you won’t want them to be able to log in and access the data they had collected whilst they were still an employee.

So, we’ve made sure you have the controls to remove Team Users and purge the data in their accounts.

How to Remove Team Users

To remove a Team User from your organization:

  1. Click your email address in the top bar
  2. Select Account Details
  3. Scroll down to My Organization, and select Manage Team MembersThis will open the Team Management Portal in a new tab
  4. Click Actions next to the Team Use you want to remove
  5. Select Delete
  6. Confirm your selection

Please note that deleting a team user will permanently delete their account and purge all data inside.