How to Add and Manage Pages

Free accounts will be limited to using two pages per project; one Question Page, and one  Exit/ Thank You page. Premium account users will be able to insert multiple pages into their project.

Adding more Pages

There are two types of pages you can insert into a project:

  • Question Pages: You will have access to all Standard Questions, Multi-Factor Questions, Picture Choice Questions, Presentational Items, and to some Contact Detail Questions.

  • Exit Pages: Used to notify respondents that your project has come to an end, and to express gratitude for their time

To insert either of these:

  1. Create/ Continue a project
  2. Click ‘Manage Pages’ in the sidebar
  3. Select ‘Add Question Page’ OR Select ‘Add Exit Page’

Managing Pages

The order that pages are put in determines the route respondents take through your survey. You are able to re-order these pages to change the order in which participants see them:

  1. Click the ‘Manage Pages’ button in the sidebar
  2. Hover over the three dots next to the page name
  3. Drag and drop the page to a new place

Note: Moving pages will affect any Default LogicQuestion Logic you’ve set up. We would recommend applying Logic AFTER you’ve ordered your pages.

Deleting Pages

  1. Click the ‘Manage Pages’ button in the sidebar
  2. Click the Page you want to delete
  3. Select ‘Delete Page’
  4. Confirm your choice

Deleting a page will remove all its contents from your project, including any questions on it.

Note: Once you have deleted a page, it will be impossible to recover.

Page Logic

You may not want all respondents to follow the same path in your project. Logic allows you to customise the page destination of participants, based on the answer options they have selected (Question Logic) or the Default Logic page should appear next.

These can be set in the Page Logic menu in the left sidebar for a project (Surveys and Forms only).

Read more about logic here.