Adding and Editing Logos

You may want to add some branding to a project, which can be done by inserting a logo. You can also attach a web address to a logo, sending respondents who click it to a website or your choice.

To Add a Logo

Add Logo

  1. Open a project
  2. Click the ‘Add Logo’ button beneath the page title
  3. Choose an image from the Library

Add a Link to the Logo

Add Link To Logo

  1. Click your logo to open the logo editor
  2. Insert a URL into the available field

Note: Whenever a respondent clicks your logo, they will be redirected to the website you linked.

To remove this link, simply click the logo again and delete the URL from the box.

To Change a Logo

Change Logo

  1. Click your logo
  2. Click the ‘Change’ button in the logo editor
  3. Choose another image from the Library

To Remove a Logo

Remove Logo

  1. Click the logo you currently have inserted
  2. Press ‘Remove’

Note: This will remove the logo from your project, but it will still be present in your Image Library.