List of Presentational Items

What are Presentational Items?

There is a range of presentational items that can be implemented in your project. These include:

Each of these elements fulfils a different purpose, but all improve the organizational aspects of your project.

How to insert a Presentational Item

  1. Create a project
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the ‘Add Items’ menu
  3. Drag and Drop a Presentational Item of your choosing OR Scroll to the bottom of your project, and click ‘Add Items’
  4. Select an item and click ‘Add Element’


Heading Field

This item will insert a text box into your project, intended for a title or heading. It can be used to break up your project or to signal to respondents that there will be a change in the line of questioning.

It may also be necessary for users with free accounts to employ this item, as you will only be able to include one Page in your project. Therefore, this will be the best way to split your project into smaller sections.


Text FieldIf you need to provide respondents with some information, this presentational item types will allow you to insert a chunk of text into your project.

These are useful in instances where you are required to provide a disclaimer or project description to your respondents. Similarly, you could provide longer descriptions or requirements for individual questions.


Image FieldChoose an image from your library or personal computer and place it in your project. They could be used as part of the question and answer process, or simply to improve the visual aspects of your Survey, Form, or Quiz.


Video FieldThis element will place a video box into your project, beneath which will be a URL bar. Type (or copy and paste) a video URL from YouTube or Vimeo into this bar, and respondents will be able to view the linked video when completing your project.

These can be used to provide more information on questions, or even be used as the questions themselves.

Note: Too many videos may dissuade participants from completing your project, as they can be mentally taxing.

Restart Form Button

Restart Form ButtonInsert the ‘Restart Form Button’ to provide respondents with a way of returning to the beginning of your project. They may want to do this if they feel they’ve made a mistake, or regret choosing an answer option.

You are able to include one per page or one at the end of your project.