How to Insert a Video

This item will allow you to include a Vimeo or Youtube video in your project. Videos can be used to provide further information to respondents; concerning individual questions, or even the project aims and outline.

Inserting a Video

  1. Click ‘Add Page Items’ in the sidebar
  2. Select ‘Video’ from Presentational Items
  3. Drag and drop the element into your project OR Click ‘Video’ then ‘Add to Page’
  4. Click the box that says; ‘Provide a video link, YouTube or Vimeo’.
  5. Paste the video URL into the available field

Once you’ve done this, you video will appear above the link.

Note: Videos will play inside your project, and will not direct respondents to a new tab or web page.

Removing a Video

To remove a video, simply select the URL field below the video and click the ‘X’. This will revert the image element to its original state.