How to Insert a Video

This item will allow you to include a Vimeo or Youtube video in your project. Videos can be used to provide further information to respondents; concerning individual questions, or even the project aims and outline.

Video Field

Inserting a Video

  1. Go to the Builder
  2. Open the Form tab
  3. Cick 'New question'
  4. Select Video beneath Presentational Items
  5. Click the box that says; ‘Provide a video link, YouTube or Vimeo’.
  6. Paste the video URL into the available field

Once you’ve done this, your video will appear above the link.

Note: Videos will play inside your project, and will not direct respondents to a new tab or web page.

Removing a Video

To remove a video, simply select the URL field below the video and click the ‘X’. This will revert the image element to its original state.