Sharing a Report

You can now share your reports from the result section of your project, and make the data you collect available to the public or your stakeholders. 

Note: If your results contain sensitive personal information, you may want to anonymize a report before sharing it.

How to Share a Report

Publicize Reports

  1. Go to the Results section
  2. Click the URL link below 'Share this Report'
  3. Select 'Make Report Public'
  4. Copy the URL link and share it

Who can see my report?

Anyone who has access to the link you share will be able to see your results.

How to Make a Report Private

Make Reports Private

  1. Go to the Results section
  2. Click 'Disable' next to your URL link
  3. Select 'Make Report Private'

Note: Making your report private will display a 'This Report is Private' message to all those who follow the link.