Team User Account Access for Admins (Organizations)

It is possible for the Admin user of an Organization to access the accounts of their Team users. Whilst using this feature, you will be impersonating the user of the account you are viewing. Any changes or deletions you make will be reflected for in the user's account.

To access a Team users account:

  1. Go to 'My Account'
  2. Go to the 'Organization' tab
  3. Switch to the 'Members' view
  4. Select the name of the team user you'd like to access the account of
  5. Click 'View'

You will then be given access to this team users account. This is indicated by a notice below the top-bar that states you are impersonating a user.

Please be aware that any actions or changes you make whilst impersonating a user will affect their account.

For example, if you delete a set of results whilst in a user's account, the team user will also now lose access.

This feature is only available on the Business Plan (5 or 10 Users).