Audience Policies

Our Audience feature allows you to purchase responses for surveys created with Shout and FreeOnlineSurveys.

Target survey respondents by setting demographic criteria, such as:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Industry

Use Policy

All surveys sent through KwikSample Marketplace must comply with our Terms and Conditions. Please review the document to ensure your surveys comply with all our policies.

  • Don't collect send spam
  • Don't use harvested, rented or purchased email lists
  • Don't use marketing or advertising without prior consent
  • Don't send content that is unlawful or offensive

Additionally to the above, you cannot ask for personal information from Audience respondents.

Survey Reviews

Before collecting responses, your survey will be subject to review. If a survey does not comply with our policies, your survey will not be launched.

If there is an issue with the content in your survey, whereby it does not comply with our policies, you will be notified and given a chance to fix the issue before your survey is launched and your order is

Potentially Offensive Content

If your survey content does not violate our Use Policy, but does contain content that may be offensive to some people, we recommend including a disclaimer in the survey introduction to inform participants of what to expect. There should also be instruction on how to leave the survey if they do not wish to participate.

Data Confidentiality

You may be using Shout Audience to test new concepts or products for your organization. We understand that the data you collect from this research may be confidential.

There is no way to guarantee that respondents won't share what they learn from your survey. But you can follow these guidelines to ensure your survey content does not reveal your brand and news of your research is not shared

There's no sure-fire way to prevent respondents from sharing what they learn in your survey, but you can refer to these guidelines to ensure your brand remains anonymous.

Repricing Policy

If the average completion time of your survey exceeds our initial estimate, your order will be subject to repricing. At this time, your project will be paused and we will contact you with instructions to pay the difference between your initial estimate and the re-calculation.

Refund Policy

The below policies apply to refund requests for purchased responses.

Once collection has begun

We are unable to provide refunds (full or partial) for responses purchased via our Audience feature. This policy applies even if you pause survey collection or cancel a project after purchase.

Rejected surveys

If your survey has been rejected during the review process and it is decided that your project will not continue, a refund can be provided. As responses have not yet been collected.