Can I Set a Timer for a Quiz

Unlike with surveys, you are able to apply a time limit to respondents completing a quiz. The default settings for this option set the limit to ‘0’, which means no time limit has been applied.

  1. Open a quiz
  2. Go to the Settings Menu in the sidebar
  3. Enter a number into the field beneath ‘Time Limit’

Note: The number you enter into the field should represent the number of minutes you would like participants to complete the quiz in. The lowest number you’ll be able to set is ‘1’.

When the time limit is up for respondents, they will be presented with the following message: “Sorry you have taken too long to answer this page.” After this, the quiz will be automatically submitted.

How respondents see the timer

The timer will appear in the top left corner of your project for respondents who are completing it. It will count down to ‘0’, after which the form will be closed.