Binary Yes/No Question

The Binary Yes/No question asks respondents to choose between two available answer choices.

For example, Yes or No and True or False.

Binary Question Type

How to add a Binary Yes/No Question

Add a Binary QuestionTo add a Binary Yes/No question to your survey, form, or quiz:

  1. Open the Form tab
  2. Click 'New question'
  3. Select Binary Yes/No

Changing Binary Icons

By default, the Binary Yes/No question will contain the thumb up and thumb down icons (as seen above). But. you can switch these to two alternative icon sets via the Question Settings Bar.

Tick and Cross Icon Set:

Tick/Cross Icon Binary QuestionSmiley and Frowny Face Icon Set:

Smiley Face Icon Set Binary Question

To change the icon set for the Binary Yes/No question type, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Binary Yes/No question type in the Builder
  2. Click the Icon set drop down in the Question Settings Bar
  3. Select an alternate icon set

Change Icon Set For Binary Yes/No Question

Question Settings Bar for the Binary Question

The Question Settings Bar gives you access to the options below:

  • Required: Make this question required, so that respondents must answer the question before moving onto the next page or submitting a response.
  • Icon set: Switch the icon set displayed for the Binary Yes/No question.
  • Personal info: When enabled, the data from any question marked as PII the data collected will be stored separately to other response data.
  • Numbered: When disabled, numbering will be removed from this question.

To open this Settings Bar, simply click the question in the builder.