How to Create a Survey

Create online surveys quickly and easily, whether you're conducting market research, monitoring employee engagement or gauging customer satisfaction.

Steps to Creating a Survey

  1. Create and Name your Survey
  2. Add Questions
  3. Add Pages
  4. Apply Logic (Optional)
  5. Customizing your Survey Design
  6. Preview and Test
  7. Share your Survey

New survey type: We've introduced a whole new style of survey; Single-Question per Page Surveys. These surveys display one question at a time to respondents, helping keep them engage and increasing your completion rates.

1. Create a Survey

Once you log in to your account, you'll be taken to your survey dashboard. From here you can manage you'll manage all your surveys, but first let's get into how to create a survey.

  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Click the ‘+’ icon above your survey list
    Survey Dashboard
  3. Select Survey type (One or Many)
  4. Choose the One or Many survey type
  5. Name your Survey

You'll then be taken to survey builder, with a default survey template. From here you can add questions, customize settings, tailor your survey design, and add branding.

2. Adding Questions and Answers

Once you’ve created your survey in the dashboard, you'll be taken to the Survey Builder. You can add a title to your page by clicking and editing the title, which will be 'Page 1' by default.

Using the Question Prediction AI Tool

To add questions to your survey, you can enter your text into the Question Prediction AI tool:

Question Prediction AI Tool

This tool will predict the best question type for your questions based on the text you enter. If you're not happy with the type select for you, you can switch it to another type by clicking the Question Type dropdown on the right of the question:

Change Survey Question Type

Adding Questions Manually

Alternatively, you can manually add questions to your survey via the Form tab in the left sidebar.

Simply click '+ New question' below the page you'd like to which you'd like to add your new question to reveal the Question Library:

Add Survey Questions Manually

The click any question type in the library to add it into your survey.

Question Types

Here's a list of the question types available for use in surveys:

Contact Details

You'll have access to a set of fields with custom settings to collect respondent information. Such as:

More on Contact Details.

Content and Media

Add content other than questions into your survey to provide additional information for respondents.

List of Presentational Items.

3. Add and Manage Pages

If your survey is becoming too long to fit on a single page, you can insert additional pages to break up your project.

This will not only make it easier for you to visualize and edit your project, but also give respondents a sense of progress and achievement in completing your survey.

Pages can also be used for specific purposes; such as in creating disqualification pages or consent forms.

To create a new page:

  1. Open the Form tab in the left sidebar
  2. Click the ⋮ icon next to an existing page
  3. Select Add Page
  4. Choose to add a Question Page or an Exit PageAdd Survey Pages
  • Question Pages: Where all your questions and form elements are placed.
  • Exit Pages: These are the final pages respondents will see before they leave your project. They can be used to thank participants, or even to direct them to a site upon completion.

4. Applying Logic

Use Logic to create custom paths for respondents moving through your survey.

There are two types of Logic you can use, Page Logic and Question Logic.

Question Logic

Question Logic: This logic determines where respondents are sent to once they click 'Next Page'. By default, respondents will be sent to the next page chronologically this Logic allows you to change that.

Note: Question logic will override Page Logic.

Page Logic

Page Logic: This allows you to customize the path respondents take through your survey based on answer choices respondents make. Some examples of using Page Logic include:

A few examples for using Logic are:

  • Collect consent: Send respondents who don't give consent straight to an exit page.
  • Disqualify respondents: Send respondents who don't match your target audience to an exit page.
  • Personalized Question Paths: Send respondents to different survey pages based on their answers.

5. Customizing Survey Design

Before you distribute your survey, you may want to customize the visual design of your project.

To change your survey theme, simply click Theme in the left sidebar.

Customize Survey Themes

Theme Colors

When customizing your theme, you can also change the color of text, backgrounds, and the question highlight bar.

Change Survey Colors


Choose from a set list of fonts for your survey.

Change Fonts In Surveys

Add a Logo

You can also add a logo to your survey.

Add A Logo To Your Survey

6. Previewing/ Testing

Clicking 'Preview' will allow you to test your survey without the response being saved in your results.

How to Preview/ Test Projects.

7. Share your Survey

There are multiple distribution methods available:

  1. Share a link to your survey
  2. Target a Survey Audience (Purchasing Survey Responses)
  3. QR Code
  4. Create a Button for your Website (Pop-ups & Slideouts)
  5. Embed your Project on your Website inline with your content
  6. Email Invitations
  7. JavaScript API

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