Picture Choice (Multi-Select)

What is a Picture Choice (Multi-Select) question?

Picture Choice (Multi-Select) QuestionThis question type allows your respondents to select multiple answers options, from a selection of images. You can also assign captions to individual images.

To reduce the amount of clipping that occurs when uploading an image for this question type, we suggest an image ratio of roughly 131 : 95.

Why use a Picture Choice (Multi-Select) question type?

Question types such as these are more visually interactive, and keep your projects from becoming stale.

How do I create a Picture Choice (Multi-Select) question?

  1. Go to the Builder
  2. Open the Form tab
  3. Click 'New question'
  4. Select Picture Choice (Multi-Select)
  5. Insert images
  6. (Optional) Insert image captions

Add Another Image Box

Add Answers to Picture Choice (Multi-Select)

  1. Click the Picture Choice (Multi-Select) Question
  2. Select 'Add answer'

How do I insert images?

  1. Click the image slot
  2. Select an image from your library Or Press ‘Click to upload’
  3. Choose an image from your files and press ‘Open’

Default Settings

Four image boxes will appear once this question type is inserted, and can be removed by clicking the answer option and then the ‘X’ button. Conversely, you can insert more image boxes by pressing ‘Add Answer’.

Question Settings Bar

Inside the Question Settings Bar for Picture Choice (Multi-Select) you have several options:

  • Personal info: When enabled, the data from any question marked as PII in the ‘question settings’ will be stored as a separate response. Allowing you to identify who has completed your survey, and at what time, without viewing the other answers they’ve given.
  • Required: By checking this box, respondents cannot finish the survey without completing the question.
  • Numbered: This button toggles the numbering for the concerned question.
  • Randomize answer order: toggle the ability to randomly change the answer order for respondents.
  • Min/ Max answers: Select the minimum and the maximum number of answers that respondents will be able to select. Changing this from one to any other number will essentially change your question type from Picture Choice (Single Select) to Picture Choice (Multi-Select).
  • "Other" text choice: Allow respondents to write a free form answer to your question.

How respondents interact with Picture Choice (Multi-Select) questions

Image answers are selected simply by clicking the relevant image option, where their choices will be highlighted by ticks. They can also enlarge the attached images by hovering over the answer option and clicking the camera icon.

How to analyze the Quick Report?

All your data will be represented across one row in the Data Table, where the columns provide data on individual answer options. You will also receive statistics on standard deviation and the number of responses.

The default settings for this question type will illustrate your collected data as a Doughnut Chart, but these formats are interchangeable via the Question Quick Menu. The other graph types available to this question type are Line Graph, Column Graph, Radar Chart, and Pie Chart.

For more detailed instructions on analyzing your report, you can visit either of these articles: