Address Lookup Form

What is Address Code Lookup?

Address LookupThis question type acts as a way to add an address form to your project. This option also includes a quick address lookup feature, which can be disabled and enabled through the settings menu.

Why use an Address Lookup form?

If you’re a business, then geographic information can be used to tailor products or services based on location. Alternatively, you could use this information to construct customer profile templates to further understand your target audience.

How to create an Address Lookup form?

Add Address Lookup

  1. Go to the Builder
  2. Click ‘Add Page Items’ in the sidebar OR Scroll to the bottom of your survey and click the ‘Add Items’ button
  3. Drag and Drop Zip/ Postcode Lookup into the necessary place OR Click Zip/ Postcode Lookup and then ADD TO PAGE
  4. Title your form
  5. Assign headings to text fields (if necessary)
  6. Navigate the Question Quick Menu for additional settings and customization

Default Settings

The default heading for this form will be ‘Address’, which you can edit by clicking the question box. Six text fields will be inserted along with this question type, by default. These include:

  • Address
  • Address 2
  • City/ Town
  • State/ Province
  • Zip/ Postal Code
  • Country

You’re free to change the heading in any text field or remove a field altogether. All the above fields will automatically be required to be filled out by participants. This is changeable through the individual settings menus of each text field.

Question Quick Menu

Inside the Question Quick Menu for the Zip/ Postal Code form, you have several options:

  • Undo: Reverse your previous action or measure.
  • Redo: Once ‘Undo’ is clicked, the option transforms into the ‘Redo’ button. This will restore your previous action or measure.
  • Delete: Permanently removes the question from the project.
  • Move to Page: Select another page to move the question to.
  • Copy: Duplicate your question inside of the project.
  • Settings: Opens additional, question specific, features and settings.

Question Settings Menu

By clicking the ‘Settings’ option of the Question Quick Menu, you will have access to these features:

  • Number this question: This button toggles the numbering for the concerned question.
  • Address Lookup: This option allows respondents to search for their address using a Zip Code/ Postal Code. This feature is only available in the UK and US.
  • Hidden Fields: When sections of the form have been deleted, use this option to quickly restore them.

How respondents interact with Zip Code/ Postal Code forms

Participants will be able to fill out each text field in the form as if they were Textbox (Single) question types. They will be required to fill each individual field unless you deactivate ‘Required’ in the settings for that text field.

If you've activated the Address Lookup feature, you may find that some sections of your Contact Form disappear.

These sections will reappear once the respondent has entered their zip code/ postcode and searched for their address. Once the code is entered, a drop-down menu with a list of relevant addresses will appear, from which participants can select the appropriate option.

This selection will auto-fill all the corresponding sections. Even if you've activated the 'Address Lookup' feature, respondents will be able to click the 'Manual Entry' button to disable the Lookup in their own survey.

How to analyze the Quick Report

All results gathered from Zip/ Postal Code Forms (Address forms) will be comprised of a list of ‘text responses’ in your Quick Report.