Question Settings

What is the Question Settings Bar?

The Question Quick Menu allows you to edit certain question formats and settings.

How can I access the Question Settings Bar?

You can access this menu by clicking any Question Type, this will reveal the Question Settings bar at the bottom of the builder.

Menu Contents

The complete list of Question Quick Menu options can be found below:

  • Personal info: When enabled, the data from any question marked as PII in the ‘question settings’ will be stored separately to other response data. Allowing you to identify who has completed your survey, and at what time, without viewing the other answers they’ve given.
  • Required: This option will appear as a box, which can be ticked/unticked. When ticked, it will force respondents to complete the question before they can finish the survey or quiz. When unticked, participants will be able to skip any question. By default, this setting will be inactive.
  • Numbered: All question types you add into your project will be automatically numbered to provide a sense of structure. You can remove these question numbers by toggling this button, which is available to ALL Question Types. If you want to remove numbering from all questions in your survey, you can do this via the surveys settings in the left sidebar.
  • Textarea height (rows): This slider allows you to customize the size of a textbox, and therefore the amount of text a respondent can input. The default height for this option is set to four rows, but can be adjusted to any height between one and ten rows. Only available with Text questions.
  • Input limitation: Control what type of information participants can input into a textbox. You will be able to choose between:
    • None: Respondents will be free to input any kind of information.
    • Numeric: Restricts participants to the use of numeric keys (i.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0)
    • Email: Only allows the inputting of email addresses (e.g. [email protected])
    • Web Address: Compels respondents to insert only web addresses/URLs into textboxes
  • Randomize answer order: This switch toggles how the order of your answers will be presented to respondents. When ‘Off’, the answer options will appear in the order you set them. When ‘On’, the answer order will be randomized for each participant. Only available with Multiple-Choice, Drop Down, Order Ranking, and Picture Choice question types.
  • # of columns: Some question types format your answer options into columns, to save space in your project. This will be set to three columns by default but can be changed by adjusting the corresponding slider. The fewer columns you include, the longer your answer list will appear.
  • Min & Max answer selections: Choose the total number of answers that respondents will be able to select for each question. You will be able to set this to any number between one and the maximum amount of answer options you include. Only available with Multiple-Choice and Picture Choice question types.
  • Rating Heat Bar (Color Bar): This button toggles whether the Heat Bar is included above the numbered scale. This bar is for visual purposes only, to indicate the negative (red) and positive (green) ends of the scale, and cannot be interacted with by respondents. Only available with scaled questions.
  • Selection Type: Switch between the Opinion Scale format and the Slider format.
  • Range start & range end: Controls the numbered range for scales and sliders.
  • Number of stars: Adjust this setting to customize the maximum number of stars available to respondents.
  • Number column headings: Switches the column headings between numbers and letters for the Matrix question type.

If you encounter any problems with these menus or options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the Chat box. Alternatively, you can find our contact information on the Contact Page.