How to Insert Text

Provide a deeper level of information, or context, for respondents by inserting additional text boxes into your project. This is done by incorporating the ‘Text’ Presentational Item into your survey, form, or quiz, and filling it with text.

  1. Open a project
  2. Go to ‘Add Page Items’ in the sidebar
  3. Drag and drop ‘Text’ from the Presentational Items section
  4. Fill the text area with text of your choice

Formatting Text

There are few ways you can customize the text inside your new text box:

  • Bold: Apply darker, heavier, strokes to text characters.
  • Italics: Slant text upwards, and to the right.
  • Link: Attach a hyperlink to text.
  • Text Color: Change text color, or highlight a selection of text.
  • Align: Format the place/ structure of text within a text box.
  • Image: Insert a picture into a text box.
  • Pipe Text From: Apply Text Piping inside the text box.

For more information on this, please visit our  Formatting Text article.