Limit the Number of Answers a Respondent can Select

Most Question Types only allow respondents to select one answer option. However, both the Multi-Choice (Single Select) OR (Multi-Select) and Picture Choice (Single Select) OR (Multi-Select) types can be optimized for multiple answer selection.

To edit the number of answers a respondent can select

  1. Insert a Multi-Choice (Single OR Multi-Select) or Picture Choice (Single OR Multi-Select) question type
  2. Click the question
  3. Open the ‘Min & Max Answers’ drop-downs
  4. Select a number in either/ both lists

These numbers represent the number of answers a respondent will be able to/ will have to choose.

Note: You will see ‘Maximum’ listed amongst the numbers in the Max Answers list; this means that participants can choose as many answers as are available. Conversely, the 'None' under the Min Answers list means that no minimum will be applied.