Limit the Number of Answers a Respondent can Select

This article concerns surveys, forms, and quizzes. However, you can learn how to allow multiple answer selections in polls here.

Most  Question Types only allow respondents to select one answer option. However, both the Multi-Choice (Single Select) OR (Multi-Select) and Picture Choice (Single Select) OR (Multi-Select) types can be optimized for multiple answer selection.

To edit the number of answers a respondent can select

  1. Insert a Multi-Choice (Single OR Multi-Select) or Picture Choice (Single OR Multi-Select) question type
  2. Open the Question Quick Menu
  3. Click 'Settings'
  4. Open the ‘Min/ Max Answers’ drop-down lists
  5. Select a number in either/ both lists

These numbers represents the amount of answers a respondent will be able to/ will have to choose.

Note: You will see ‘Maximum’ listed amongst the numbers in the Max Answers list; this means that participants can choose as many answers as are available. Conversley, the 'None' under the Min Answers list means that no minimum will be applied.