How to Remove Question Numbering

Questions will be numbered automatically when inserted into your project. This feature can be disabled in two ways:

  • For Individual Questions
  • For All Questions

To Remove Question Numbering for One Question

Remove Numbering For a Single Question

  1. Got to the Builder
  2. Open the Question Quick Menu
  3. Disable the ‘Number this question’ switch

The above method will remove numbering for a singular question. You could go through your project and remove the number for each question in this way, or use the next method to remove all numbering.

To Remove Question Numbering for All Questions

Automatic Numbering

  1. Open the Settings menu in the project builder
  2. Disable ‘Automatic Numbering’

This will remove the numbering for all questions, but you can enable numbering for singular questions by accessing its corresponding Question Quick Menu.