How to Insert a Link

You can insert a hyperlink into any section of text within a project, as well as being able to link your logo to an external website.

Insert a Link in Text

Create hyperlinks to external pages in your surveys and quizzes.

How To Insert A Link

  1. Highlight the text you wish to link
  2. Select the link icon
  3. Choose ‘Insert Link’
  4. Enter a URL
  5. Edit the linked text (optional)

You will then also be able to choose whether the link opens in a new tab or redirects respondents from their current page.

To send the participants to a new tab, check the ‘Open Link in New Tab’ box after you’ve selected ‘Insert Link’.

Removing a Link

Remove A Link

  1. Click the hyperlink
  2. Select ‘Unlink’

The link will then be removed from the text.

Add a Link to your Logo

Add A Link To A Logo

  1. Add a logo
  2. Click the logo to open the logo editor
  3. Insert a URL into the available field

Note: Whenever a respondent clicks your logo, they will be redirected to the website you linked.

To remove this link, simply click the logo again and delete the URL from the box.