How to Insert a Link

You can insert a hyperlink into any section of text within a project, as well as being able to link your logo to an external website.

Insert a Link in Text

To apply a link to text, you’ll need to access the Formatting Menu for that text box.

  1. Click a textbox
  2. Open the Formatting Menu
  3. Highlight the text you wish to link
  4. Select the ‘Link’ option
  5. Choose ‘Insert Link’
  6. Enter the link URL in the corresponding field
  7. Edit the linked text (optional)

You will then also be able to choose whether the link opens in a new tab or redirects respondents from their current page.

To send the participants to a new tab, check the ‘Open Link in New Tab’ box after you’ve selected ‘Insert Link’.

Removing a Link

  1. Highlight linked text
  2. Open the Formatting Menu
  3. Select the ‘Link’ option
  4. Click ‘Unlink’

The link will then be removed from the text.

Attaching a Link to your Logo

  1. Add a logo
  2. Click the logo to open the logo editor
  3. Insert a URL into the available field

Note: Whenever a respondent clicks your logo, they will be redirected to the website you linked.

To remove this link, simply click the logo again and delete the URL from the box.