Can You Edit Live Projects?

Questions will be marked with a ‘Locked’ icon, once your project has been launched, to highlight editing restrictions. However, you will still have some editing capabilities in a live project.

Locked Questions

The Question Settings Bar will still be fully accessible, which includes:

  • Required: Make the question required, so that respondents can't move onto the next page or submit the response without answering this questions.
  • Personal info: When enabled, the data from any question marked as PII in the ‘question settings’ will be stored separately to other responses. Allowing you to identify who has completed your survey, and at what time, without viewing the other answers they’ve given.
    • Note: This will only be applied to responses collected after this setting has been enabled, it will not pseudonymize historic responses.
  • Numbered: Enable or disable the numbering for a questions.
  • Rating heat bar: Enable or disable the colored bar above scales, sliders, and matrix questions.
  • Randomize: Randomize the order of answer options below multiple-choice, dropdown, and picture choice questions.
  • "Other" text choice: Add an "other" answer option to multiple-choice questions, allowing respondents to add a free form answer.
  • # of columns: Set the number of columns that multiple-choice answers are displayed in.

Note: Deleting a question once a project is live will permanently remove any corresponding results.

What You Can’t Edit in Live Projects

  • Add new answer options to pre-existing questions
  • Remove answer options from pre-existing questions
  • Re-order pre-existing answer options

In order to accomplish any of the above, you will need to delete all responses to the question.

What You Can Edit in Live Projects

Once your project is live, we’d recommend editing it as little as possible. This is because any changes you make may not be reflected in your results.  E.g. If you attempt to shift answer options around by editing the text for each field, the responses would continue to correspond with the original text field, and not the new text.