How to Apply Points to Questions

Before applying question points, you will have to:

  1. Create questions
  2. Insert answer options

How you apply points will depend on what question type you use: Single Select or Multi-Select.

Note: Points can only be applied to answers in Quizzes.

Single Select Questions

The Multi-Choice (Single-Select) question type allows you to apply a custom amount of points to answers.

  1. Click the answer option you wish to apply points to
  2. Input the number of points you wish to be awarded in the available field

Note: Award points logically, making sure that questions of a similar difficulty award the same amount of points. An award system with trivial rules may confuse and deter respondents.

Multiple Select Questions

The Multi-Choice (Multi-Select) require choosing what answers are correct rather than apply points to individual answers.

  1. Click the answer option you wish to mark as correct
  2. Check the Correct field

You can also customize the rules for how points are awarded:

  1. Click your Multiple-Choice (Multi-Select) question
  2. Set a number of points to be awarded upon selection in the Marking Scheme: Points field
  3. Click the drop down to choose whether points are awarded upon all correct answers or each correct answer

  • Matching All Correct Answers: Points are awarded when a respondent matches all the correct answers for a question.

  • Each Correct Answer: Points are awarded for each individual correct answer respondents choose (1 point per answer).

Text Box Questions

Although the Text Box (Single) and Text Boxes (Multiple) question types are available for quizzes, it's not possible to apply points to them.