List of Contact Details Elements

A respondent’s demographic information can be as essential to analyzing your project results as the question responses themselves. Depending on what you wish to accomplish with your project, you could use this information to develop your understanding of your respondents, or simply compile a customer database.

We have four available Contact Details:

  • Contact Form
  • Zip/ Postal Code Lookup
  • Email Address
  • Web Address

Contact Form

Contact FormThese can be used to collect a range of personal information from respondents. Our Contact Form skeleton is comprised of:

  • Name
  • Company/ Job/ Occupation
  • Address, City/Town, State/Province/ County
  • Zip Code/ Postcode
  • Country
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

You are able to remove any of these options and edit the text in each of them to require different types of information.

Note: If you do intend on collecting respondent information, you may want to inform participants of the reason you are doing so.

Alternatively, a Consent Form could be included in your project to gain permission to collect this sensitive information.

Zip/ Post Code Lookup

Address Lookup FormThis method of collecting contact information focusses solely on the location of your respondents. By default, the following text fields are included:

  • Address
  • Address 2
  • City/ Town
  • State/ Province
  • Zip/ Postal Code
  • Country

However, respondents will only be shown ‘Zip/ Postal Code’, and ‘Country’, through which they can search for their address.

Alternatively, they can click the ‘Manual entry’ button to call up the full set.

Email Address

Email Address FieldThe aim of this form is to collect an email address from respondents. Email addresses are a valuable marketing tool for engaging audiences and promoting your products or services.

On top of this, email is likely to be the preferred form of contact for a lot of respondents.

Web address

Web Address FieldThis type of text field is used to collect web address information from your respondents. Asking for too many details from your respondents can be off-putting for them, but you can never have too much information.

Collecting web addresses is another way of learning more about your respondents, which may well be the aim of your project.