Web Address Element

What is a Web Address field?

This type of text field is used to collect web address information from your respondents.

Why use a Web Address field?

Asking for too many details from your respondents can be off-putting for them, but you can never have too much information. Collecting web addresses is another way of learning more about your respondents, which may well be the aim of your project.

How to create a Web Address field?

Add Web Address Field

  1. Go to the Builder
  2. Click ‘Add Page Items’ in the sidebar OR Scroll to the bottom of your survey and click the ‘Add Items’ button
  3. Drag and Drop Web Address into the necessary place OR Click Web Address and then ADD TO PAGE
  4. Title your form
  5. Assign headings to text fields (if necessary)
  6. Navigate the Question Quick Menu for additional settings and customization

Default Settings

The default settings for this question type will insert only one text field, alongside the question text space. The text box will have a textarea height of one line and will have the web address Input Limitation applied. These settings can all be edited through the ‘Settings’ section of the Question Quick Menu.

Question Quick Menu

The available option in the Question Quick Menu for Web Address Fields are:

  • Undo: Reverse your previous action or measure.
  • Redo: Once ‘Undo’ is clicked, the option transforms into the ‘Redo’ button. This will restore your previous action or measure.
  • Delete: Permanently removes the question from the project.
  • Shrink/ Expand: Toggle the size of the question space in your project.
  • Copy: Duplicate your question inside of the project.
  • Required: This option will appear as a box, which can be ticked/unticked. When ticked, it will force respondents to complete the question before they can finish the survey or quiz. When unticked, participants will be able to skip any question. By default, this setting will be inactive.
  • Move to Page: Select another page to move the question to.
  • Settings: Opens additional, question specific, features and settings.
  • Undo: Reverse your previous action or measure.

Question Settings Menu

  • Number this question: This button toggles the numbering for the concerned question.
  • Textarea height (rows): Customize the size of the textbox, and therefore the amount of text a respondent can input.
  • Input Limitation: Control what type of information participants can input. Toggle between ‘None’ (no Input Limitation), ‘Numeric’ (only numbers can be input), ‘Email’ (only email addresses can be input), and ‘Web Address’ (only URLs can be input).

How respondents interact with the Web Address field

Participants will be able to enter text into the text field, like all other textbox based question.

How to analyze the Quick Report

The Quick Report for this question type will simply list all results as ‘text responses’.