The Dashboard

The Project Dashboard contains all your existing projects; Surveys, Quizzes, Forms, and Polls. This is also where you can create a new project.

Filtering and Searching your Projects

Once you’ve been using the service for a while, you’ll find that you have a long list of created projects. By default, you will see your most recent projects, but you can use the below navigation tabs to filter your projects accordingly.

  • Recent Projects: All your projects listed chronologically
  • Surveys: List of all your surveys
  • Quizzes: List of all your quizzes
  • Forms: List of all your Forms
  • Deleted: List of all your deleted projects
  • Shared: List of projects that have been shared with you/ you are a collaborator on

Each item in these lists will show:

  • Send Date
  • Response Count (total number of people who have completed at least one page of your project)
  • Collaborators (team users you have shared access to your project with)

Searching for Projects

Enter keywords (project titles or labels) into the Search Bar to find specific projects.

The Project Menu

If you click a project in the Dashboard for the corresponding project, you will open the Project Menu. This will allow you to:

Deleting or Clearing your Project

Using the ‘delete’ option in the Project Menu will shift your project to the Deleted tab in the Dashboard. After a project is deleted, it will remain in the deleted folder for 30 days. It is possible to recover the project at this time, but not after the thirty days have passed.

Deleted Items

If you delete a project whilst it’s already in the Deleted Tab, it will be removed permanently from your Dashboard. I.e. You will not be able to recover it.

Labeling (Tags) a Project

You are able to ‘Label’/ ‘Tag’ projects in order to organize them further. You can achieve this by:

  1. Opening the Project Menu
  2. Pressing ‘Label’
  3. Clicking ‘New Label’
  4. Entering the label text
  5. Clicking the ‘Save’ icon OR Choose the ‘Cancel’ icon to abort

Suspending a Project

By choosing the ‘Close’ option in the Project Menu, you can suspend a survey, form, quiz, or poll. This will stop any respondents from submitting responses for the time in which the project is suspended. When attempting to respond to a suspended project, respondents will be shown a message informing them that it has been closed.

You can also re-open/ re-activate a project using the same process as above; the ‘Close’ button will have been replaced with the ‘Open’ button.