Project Menu

The Project Menu allows you to perform a number of tasks in relation to your Survey/ Form/ Quiz. Clicking a project in your Dashboard will open this menu, which contains the following options:


This button will take you to the builder of the project you selected. Here you will be able to:

For more information on this, you can swing by these articles:


Go straight to the Send section of a project, from where you’ll be able to distribute it to potential respondents. There are five ways you can send your project:

  1. Generate a Link to your Project
  2. Create a Button for your Website
  3. Embed your Project on your Website
  4. Distribute via Email (using your Address Book)
  5. JavaScript API/ Querystring


Navigate to the Quick Report for your chosen project. Here you will find:

See the below tutorials for analyzing results:


Use this button to duplicate your project. Here’s an article explaining the process and rules of copying.


Add Tags/ Labels to your project to minimize the effort of organization and searching.


This option allows you to change the title of your project, which you can read more about here.


Suspend a project using this feature. Respondents will no longer be able to submit responses once this is activated. Learn how to do this here.

Clear Results

This button will clear your project results permanently. If you have any concerns over this feature, you can refer to this guide.


Deleting a project will move it to the Deleted Tab in the dashboard. Read this article for more information on this process.