How to Add an Other Answer Option

Why Include an ‘Other’ Answer Option?

These alternatives are useful for a few reasons. Firstly, you may not have the time or space to list a full set of answers to a question. Secondly, you may forget or fail to include answer options that respondents consider to be relevant. Lastly, it gives your respondents more agency in the completion process by providing space for a personal answer.

Which Question Types can have an ‘Other’ Answer Option?

How to Add an ‘Other’ Answer Option

  1. Create a Project
  2. Insert one of the above question types
  3. Click the question or answer field: ‘Add Answer’ and ‘Other Text’ will appear
  4. Select ‘Other text’
  5. A new text field will be inserted containing the text “Other (Please Specify)

How Respondents Interact with the Other Box

The “Other” option will operate as a Text Box (Single), where participants can click the answer field and enter a short amount of text.

How to Delete an ‘Other’ Answer Option

You remove these answer types in the same way you’d delete any other. Click the box you wish to remove, and an ‘X’ will appear below the answer box. Clicking this icon will permanently remove the answer from your project.