How to Make a Quiz

Creating a Quiz follows a similar process to that of creating other project types. The Question Types you can insert will be slightly more limited than when building a survey. This is because not all questions types are applicable for the purposes of a quiz.

You will have access to:

Building a Quiz

Below you’ll find the necessary steps to the quiz building process:

  1. Creating the Quiz
  2. Adding Question Types
  3. Customizing the Design
  4. Preview
  5. Send

Creating a Quiz

You will be able to create a quiz in the Project Dashboard, once you’ve logged in.

  1. Go to Project Dashboard
  2. Click ‘+ New Project’/ ‘+ New Quiz’ in the top right
  3. Select a Project Type to create; Survey/ Form, Quiz, or Poll
  4. Choose a method of distribution for your project; Email, Embed on Website, or Other

    Note: You will be able to change this later
  5. Name your Quiz

From here you’ll be directed to the Project Builder, from where you can insert question types, customize the settings, and tailor your quiz design.

Before you continue with the content of your quiz, you may want to:

Navigate the sidebar to find the options for the above elements.

Adding Questions

Once you’ve created your quiz, you’ll need to start inserting questions. This content will consist of:

You can click any of the links above to find more information on each building elements.

  1. Open ‘Add Page Items’ in the sidebar
  2. Drag and Drop a Question Type OR Click ‘Add Items’, select a type, and press ‘Add to Page’
  3. Fill the question text field
  4. Insert the answer options
  5. Apply Question Points
  6. Adjust settings in the Question Quick Menu


If your quiz is becoming too long to fit on a single page, you can insert additional pages to break up your project.

This will not only make it easier for you to visualize and edit your project, but also give respondents a sense of progress and achievement in completing your quiz.

To create a new page:

  1. Click ‘Manage Pages’ in the sidebar
  2. Choose to insert a ‘Question Page’ or ‘Exit/ Thank You Page’

Question Pages: Where all your questions and form elements are placed.

Thank You Pages: These are the final page respondents will see before they leave your project. They can be used to thank participants, or even to direct them to a site upon completion.

Customizing the Quiz Design

Before you send your quiz, you may want to customize its visual design. We have a selection of Themes for you to choose from, or you can insert individual Presentational Items.

You can also insert a logo.


You will also want to preview your project before it’s launched. This feature formats your quiz as a respondent would see it; allowing you to check the structure, functionality, and spelling/ grammar.


There are five ways to distribute your quiz through our service:

  1. Generate a Link to your Project
  2. Create a Button for your Website
  3. Embed your Project on your Website
  4. Distribute via Email (using your Address Book)
  5. JavaScript API/ Querystring

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